Touroperator is a contemporary art exhibition made with the hulls recovered in the boat cemetery, Lampedusa island in Italy, by the artist Massimo Sansavini.

In September 2015, the Court of Agrigento authorizes for the first time an artist to take the migrant hulls, kept at the former American base LORAN in Lampedusa.

"Being the only person authorized to take the hulls in the Lampedusa boat cemetery gives me the chance to be able to accomplish works with a strong symbolic value."

The exhibition contributed with critics' texts, Valeria Arnaldi, Daniela Brignone, Pietro Bartolo, Davide Rondoni.

Touroperator has received the patronage of Amnesty International.

TOUROPERATOR is a travelling exhibition

September 22, October 2, 2016 settembre Musei San Domenico - Forlì (Italy)

November 14-19, 2016 European Parliament Bruxelles. (Belgium)

February 28, April 18, 2017 Emilia-Romagna Parliament, Bologna (Italy)

March 4, May 2, 2017 Foundation for Contemporary Art Dino Zoli, Forli (Italy)

June 15 -22,  2017  Sea Station Zaha Adid, Salerno - Italy

June 22, July 5, 2017  Imola (BO) - Italy

October 4 - 12, 2017 Arsenale della Marina Regia,  Palermo - Italy

February 23, March 18, 2018  Classense Library Ravenna - Italy

April 14, June 24, 2018 Tito Balestra Foundaton Longianoo (FC) - Italy

December 9 - 10  Comune di Fasano (BR)


May 25  August 4 2019 State Museum, Republic of San Marino (RSM)


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